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Refugee and Migrant Care International (RMCI) is a nonprofit organization focused on enhancing the general welfare of refugees and migrants whoever they are and wherever they are in the World.


Compassion, Community, Care


  • To equip, empower, and release refugees and migrants to serve in every Nation on earth.
  • Provide opportunities for the training, education, and career development of refugees and migrants.
  • Ensure the integration of refugees and migrants into local communities.
  • Implement opportunities for the spiritual growth and development of refugees and migrants.
  • To be a voice for refugees and migrants worldwide.
  • Build local and international Networks to work with refugees and migrants to promote world peace. We believe that people affected by conflict and violence can be transformed to become instruments of peace and development.
  • Establish partnerships with relevant Institutions, Organizations, and Agencies, to enhance services to meet the needs and aspirations of refugees and migrants worldwide.
  • To source funds and support for refugee and migrant work worldwide.
  • To provide training, orientation, and education for workers and volunteers who are involved in or who intend to be involved in refugee and migrant work.


We are committed to loving, connecting with, and serving refugees and migrants in the world irrespective of country, nationality, culture, race, gender, age, color, religion, or creed.


Our organization is built on a foundation of no discrimination, no favoritism, and no distinction.

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